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Greendale – The Complete International School, has a unique pre-school programme that offers academic and enrichment programmes for children from 2 ½ years to 5 ½ years old, in the Nursery to Kindergarten levels.

Children of pre – primary are dramatists and logical thinkers, who love stories and role-playing as a means of learning. To trigger off their interactive creativity, activities to cut, paste, paint, mold clay, dance, sing and make up their own stories are adapted in an atmosphere which is totally stress-free. In order to break the monotony of class room teaching, well organized age appropriate indoor activities are conducted throughout the year and they are also made to acquire basic social skills.

These teaching and training methods incorporated by qualified and dedicated teachers ensure that your child's mind is nurtured age appropriately. Greendale takes a pro-active role in facilitating the transition of Kindergarten – level children from pre-school to primary school. All the training techniques adapted in the curriculum has been specially designed to incorporate various activities that prepare children for the change in teaching style, relationships and environment when they enter Primary school.

Our early years (Pre-school) programme is not just a child care center, we nurture your child to be a champion learner of the future.


Greendale – The Complete International School

Opp International Cricket Stadium,

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Towards Shriram Properties. Madhurawada,

Visakhapatnam – 530041

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