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I extend a warm welcome to you on behalf of Greendale – The Complete International School. In all my years as Educator, I have observed and concluded that the key to school success is love and passion for what we believe, say and do. I believe that learning is what matters because it leads to excellence and success in the life of an individual.

We are constantly reminded of the fact that the children whom we nurture are the most precious resource within the community who will one day grow up to be the citizens of the world. The curriculum that we adapt at Greendale inspires and challenges our students to develop an enthusiasm for learning in all areas of their life. Here, we aim to educate the minds, hearts and souls. Children at Greendale will experience a warm welcoming environment at all times by caring and professional staff who have a special way of relating to the students through compassion, understanding, respect and appreciation ensuring no child is left behind and neglected. This is a place where safety, trust, ownership and consistency is guaranteed.

I welcome you once again to visit our school and experience the spirit of warmth and sense of belongingness.

Dr. S. Vijaya Ravindra, Correspondent


Greendale – The Complete International School

Opp International Cricket Stadium,

Vuda 100ft Road,

Towards Shriram Properties. Madhurawada,

Visakhapatnam – 530041

Phone: +91 89788 85500, +91 891 6066690


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